Tracy Kasiah

painting is my passion. 

I've traveled the world, here's is what i saw.

The show I have been putting together for some time now is called "Attn to: Detail". The plan is to develop 'mind-maps' recording the various places I've been and telling the stories involved. The trickiest part is fitting them all together. And, eventually, printing out all the stories with a legend to pair the pictures with the stories. It's a big project, another reason commissions are appreciated. Eventually these maps will span Idaho, India, Nepal, Italy, Malaysia, France, Morocco, and maybe a few small snippets of Germany, Switzerland, and England. More countries to come, I hope, as this is my magnum opus to date.

Brought up by engineers, artists, and general creative types, I was taught to see the beauty in working through a problem and appreciating the organic (sometimes laborious) processes of creation. 

Predominantly an oil painter and illustrator, I have a passion for larger non traditional canvases constructed, welded, or weaved to express more elaborate concepts. With experience in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ceramic, print making, mosaic, wood working, welding, casting, embroidery, and drawing in graphite, charcoal, pastels, and ink, I am constantly exploring new mediums to develop my own artistic experience. 

My art often addresses our perspective of the world, cultural paradigms, and gender rolls, with emphasis on "big pictures" (i.e. landscapes) and small details, things that generally go unnoticed without an “outside-in” view.

Having lived  in 7 cities on 2 continents, and visited 12 countries across 4 continents, I bring a unique perspective back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho.

For more about where I've been, visit The Travel Gallery or to view more of my artwork please visit my Art Gallery or Blog

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