As someone who has always been a lover of sculpture and making art with found objects, the idea of recycling old buttons to create a something beautiful was intriguing. 

    While this idea occurred to me a few years ago, having found an adorable set of vintage buttons while thrift shopping in Virginia, it wasn’t until a conversation with the head of a local Minneapolis Art Cooperative that the idea of selling earrings really came to fruition.
    I’d worn a pair of my black “Lucky Button Earrings” to the meeting to discuss possibly selling of some of my paintings or prints. As had happened many times- in job interviews or grocery store check out lines- my button earrings had caught some attention, warranting a comment along the lines of

“Now those would sell!” 



    So, like a student setting home from class with my assignment, I began brainstorming all the ways that button earrings could go beyond the basic studs I had previously concocted. A trip to one of the many local antique malls yielded exactly the kind of vintage buttons I needed. Some clasps and a few jump rings and I was off to a good start. 

    Several messes and many tired fingers later, my button earrings have been given the go ahead, packaging specifics, and the next step is labels! While the dangly earrings are really the selling pieces, the studs will also be for sale as the simpler alternatives. 


We are proud to announce that Tracy's Lucky Button Earrings will be for sale at The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market this spring!

In the meantime, please check them out on Etsy!