I've been working on my background and bio, below is the latest draft. What do you think? Too wordy? Too pretentious? Too many 'p's? 


    I am an intensely curious person who needs to make things. There’s nothing I enjoy more than coming home after a long day a the office and being mentally exhausted from having worked my mind to it's full capacity. Solving puzzles is something I have always done for fun, similarly, people watching is one of my favorite hobbies as every person is a puzzle to be solved. This Inherent understanding of people and their behavior is what lead me to advertising.
I can play well on almost any team, but I thrive when communication and new ideas are not only encouraged, but cornerstones. My propensity for practical problem solving has often landed me in positions of leadership, particularly within institutions that value the mind. 
 If I’m not abroad, hiking the back woods with my dog, or whitewater rafting, you can usually find me exploring the many culinary charms of the Twin Cities. I love to share stories almost as much as I love sharing a meal, and boy, has my experience given me some stories to tell.