Dear Future Employer, 

    Please don’t let my composed and bubbly exterior fool you, I am an extremely perceptive individual who can gussy up to make a good impression whenever I need to. I am however, an introvert. 

    I have no trouble talking to anyone, making friends with anyone for that matter, even charming large groups when I have to, but under no circumstances do I want to talk with every person that comes through the front door. 

    I have a constant narrative running through my head, analyzing my surroundings, weighing various factors, and braiding endless daisy chains of conclusions about people, their behavior, and particularly their buying habits. 

    Advertising is my passion, art is my love, and making things is my nature. While I am constantly devising logical and unbiased solutions to problems of every sort, I am absent minded. That is to say, I am incapable of caring about things that do not pertain to the task at hand. Focused to a fault, you might say. And while I am extremely thorough, it is new and exciting challenges that keep me motivated. The consistency and predictability of serving customers drains me more quickly than a 5k, or a 150 mile hike for that matter. 

    I am infatuated with patterns and spotting discrepancies, I thrive in environments the encourage me to find new connections and relate the unrelated. Coworkers who don’t mind being a sounding board are immeasurably valuable as well. The excitement of an engaging discussion will often overwhelm my learned ability to articulate step by step thought processes, but conclusions are always based on logic and facts.

    Finally, no one you can hire will be more enthusiastic about problem solving, more capable of spotting problems, or drilling through the endless factors required to developed viable solutions. When expressing creativity, there is no limit to the time and energy I will expend developing insightful and unbiased resolutions. However, if you have shelves for me to fill, or a list of five things you want done everyday, I will probably lose steam more quickly than either of us would prefer. 

    Thank you for your time, and please, don’t hire me for customer service. 


Tracy Kasiah Sword