Dear Future Employer,

Please don't let my love of food fool you. I can make some incredible meals, and I do enjoy cooking for people whose day I would like to brighten. Every meal I make is like an art piece with a little bit of me in it (not literally of course, that would contradict my overly clean nature). 
I am however, still an introvert. I have zero desire to share my little pieces of art with everyone waving money at the counter. I put too much work into everything I do and honestly, I just don't like the average person that much. 

Don't get me wrong, I make it a point to try and see the best in every person and truly appreciate their stories and the value that their experiences bring. But Every person? If you ask me to do that at work every day, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week I will be drained within 3 months. 

"Drained? Oh no, another entitled millennial", you say. But you would be wrong. What does it mean for Me to be drained? It means I will still be there on time every day, you will still see a consistently quality product, and you will still probably be giving me raises for exceptional performance. But I'll go home everyday trying to forget about work to the extreme. I wont be strategizing new methods of improving our processes, I wont be dreaming up new ideas for the menu, or the coffee bar, or even the signage. I'll be done at the end of every day, and miserable for it. So please, hire me for a position that is constantly providing new challenges, new opportunities, and only a moderate amount of redundancy. You will quickly find that I am more enthusiastic, more adept at problem solving, and better with following through on long term projects than most of the people you've ever met. 

Allow me to express my creativity and there is no limit to the time and energy I will expend developing insightful solutions to your business problems.