My last night in Italy my bags were packed, my clothes were set out for the next day, and my friends and I were determined to finish all the alcohol in my apartment. Not that we thought it would go bad, but we didn't want to leave good booze for bad roommates. Needless to say, a few blurs later I was grabbing my favorite breakfast snack (or three) and rolling my overly-large suitcases down the block to the bus stop. It would be two busses, a train, two planes and an extremely fussy baby before I landed back in the US of A.

At this point I was too young to be transporting alcohol into the US so I decided not to claim my support of Italian wine-makers on my customs sheet. I did however, claim the blood oranges I had drunkenly tossed into my carry-on before leaving. All 3 of them. What I forgot amidst the epic saga of my 20+ hour day was that I had eaten one of aforementioned contraband goods, bringing the sum total to two. A thought that only eventually dawned on me as the customs agent was ripping my carry-on to shreds and my unclaimed imports were rolling unsupervised down the x-ray's conveyor belt.  
"Try the bottom pocket." I said, eyeing the second suitcases of meticulously shoe-packed wine-goods as it rolled to the viewing screen. 

Nary a short lecture later I was fully informed that not only is the transport of fruits and vegetables taken very seriously, but that if found, the missing orange (even be it just the peal) should be thrown away in a zip lock bag inside a trash-can with a plastic liner. 

And that's how you avoid getting busted for international near-age bootlegging. *not recommended*