East Mountain  Oil on canvas  18x24

East Mountain

Oil on canvas



East Mountain is 7,748 ft, which was awesome news the first time we summited. The first time we summited was in the afternoon after having camped in a meadow on the side of the mountain. We took a siesta and did some yoga, enjoying what was going to be our second to last day on the trail. We made phone calls, and arranged pickup on the road that our old map indicated was on the east side of east mountain, before heading down the trail to the east. After a missed connection with the road where it was supposed to cross the creek once, twice, and a third time, we had began reassessing our situation. It was nearing dark as we reached a high enough altitude on the mountain to have cell service.

"Oh yeah," my sister said knowingly, "I wasn't planning on coming after I found out there's no road anymore, and even if there were my car couldn't make it."

"Just go west" my mom said looking at the google map, "There's a road to your west". Looking up the 7,748 foot peak as the sun was setting, recalibrating our ideas of when we might get to sleep, we set back up the mountain. Had we made this realization a day or two earlier we not only wouldn't have summited (bringing our trail end at least 10 or 20 miles closer to Boise) but we would have been able to sleep that night knowing we had a ride to Boise for my sister's wedding in 3 days. More phone calls and a night assent later we had a ride to for the next day, picking us up on the road on the other side of the mountain. That gave us about 14 hours to finish our re-summit and down climb.

It safe to say I was a little whiney and that we were both probably a little crazy by 10 am the next morning when we set up bare minimum camp on the side of the road so that we could get in a nap before our extraction. My good friend Jamie showed up around lunch time with a refreshing assortment of snacks and beverages that "[he] would want coming out of 3 weeks in the woods." He and Tarin bonded over the 'good' coconut water and I savored anything that wasn't water, tea, or whiskey- our trail beverages of choice.

Needless to say, we made it to my sister's just in time to help with all the last minute pre-wedding projects. Tarin etched the groomsman's gift shot glasses, we constructed cake-stands of driftwood, and totally art-ified the arch under which my sister and soon-to-be brother in-law were to say their vows. The arch, a half-dozen stories in and of itself, is to be painted at a future date.

Until then, happy trails and thanks for reading!

East Mountain 3D.png