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Crust and Crumb

It sounds weird to me to recommend you read an entire cook book (who does that?) but that is actually what I’m saying. Not just any cook book though, this cook book: Crust and Crumb: Master formulas for serious bread bakers

I read this book while work-awaying at an EcoResort in Malaysia, we were between guests and as such the owner/manager and most of the rest of the staff had left us on the island to enjoy the forest and paddle board to our hearts content. I had burned through all the Dan Brown I’d brought, and cleaned the entire Club House top to bottom. The boss had left it for me because when I had said I could cook, the assumption was made that I could Bake. From scratch. Needless to say, this was not the case. Did I mention no internet? 

That’s where this book comes in. Sure, I could have use it like a regular cook book but the author clearly addresses in the beginning, all of the recipes provided are FORMULAS to teach you how the bread works. The chemistry is lightly touched on, but not boring. The history of each is touched on, and recipe variations are recommended based on what you’ve learned and what is common. 

Basically, this is not another cook book, it’s a lesson in bread, and who doesn’t love bread?

5 stars, or in this case, 5 rolls, delicious delicious rolls. 


Other fun tid-bids about the story above, the pictures (not the book cover) are things I made in Malaysia, Challah bread, and what I called "Baby-Jesus Rolls". The oven was gas and had no temperature gauge. Basically, here's praying that these christmas rolls turn out (the fruit pieces inside are meant to be "swaddled" in the dough...) you can fill in the rest of the rolls' history when you read the book!