My name is Tracy Kasiah Sword. No, I'm not married, and I'm not sad about that.
Tracy, because they were planning on giving me the paternal family name "Thomas" and then... well, lady bits; she was my dad's favorite cousin.
Kasiah is a maternal family name, grandma's great grandma [pretty sure..] who married our Scotch-Irish someone and left the reservation in Oklahoma to settle further out west.
Sword, spelled Sjd (pronounced Ss-ver-d) when grandpa's family migrated from Scandinavia. And apparently my paternal grandma's lineage are migratory reindeer herders. All that to say, I use Tracy Kasiah because it's both sides of the family, but yes, Sword is an epic last name. Not great for google searches tho, ya? Anyway...

Tracy was supposed to be romantic adventurous or something but come to find out also means warrior. Kasiah means “happy day” in Cherokee.