I recently added a section to my patreon page “ labels I have collect” Artist
Sorority gal - Kappa Delta -ZX *holla*
Graduate- High school & UIdaho BA 2011
Cancer survivor - Cervical 2012, non- hodgkins 2006
Trekker (Annapurna 2013)
Riverguide (SR7 2018,’19)

today it occurred to me that I have accidentally and unavoidably wandered into a new one.


I have been working with a community health work from my PCP’s clinic to get all my financial ducks in row and as part of that today filled out an application for Medicare…medicade?medicare? I dunno, of the one for elderly and the one for disabled I am the latter hoping to make it to the former eventually. In 35-40 years if you go by anticipated retirement or some such.
Still working on MRIs and such to explore possible hip replacements or solutions to improve my quality of life but what we do know is that there is calcium in my SI joint and it hurts a lot regularly. boo.